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The policy making body of the College is the Governing Council. According to the Law establishing the College, the State Government sponsors this body, and it directs the College on all policy matters. The Council consists of:

(a) a chairman and six other members appointed by the State Government.

(b) one member each representing:

i. The State Ministry of Education.

ii. The State Conference of Principals.

iii. The State Branch of National Union of Teachers

iv. The College congregation and the

v. Academic Board.

(c) Other members include:

i. The Provost

ii. The Deputy Provost and

(d) The College Secretary/Registrar, who is the Secretary to the Council. For further details, see the law establishing the College please.

(e) The College has had six Governing Councils since its inception. The College is currently being managed by the Seventh Governing Council since October 2003.


The College Law also establishes this body, which oversees all academic matters affecting the College. Membership consists of the Provost as the Chairman, the Deputy Provost, the College Librarian, representatives of the State Ministry of Education, State Conference of Principals, Congregation, Dean of Schools, Heads of Departments and all Readers. The Registrar is the Secretary to the Board.


The Congregation of the College comprises the Provost, the Deputy Provost, the Registrar, the Bursar, the College Librarian, all full-time members of the Academic Staff and all other staff with Degree Certificates from recognised Universities. The Provost is the Chairman.


The Provost is the Head and Chief Executive of the College. For the day-to-day administration, the Provost is assisted by the Principal officers of the College, namely, the Registrar, Deputy Provost, the Bursar, the College Librarian, and the various Deans of Schools and Heads of Departments.

Other Administrative Departments /Divisions /Section/ Units include:

i. Academic Office

ii. Personal Management iii. Student Affairs

iv. General Maintenance

v. Works/ Maintenance

vi. Internal Audit

vii. Stores

viii. Health Centre

ix. Sports

x. The Consultancy Services Division

xi. The Computer Centre and

xii. The Educational Resource and Technology Centre.

xiii. The Centre of Excellence in Information Technology

xiv. The Staff Model Primary and Secondary Schools

About Us


Provost Dr. E.U. TIBI B.Sc, M.Ed, Ph. D

Deputy Provost Dr. D.D.Whawho B.Ed, M. Ed, Ph. D

Registrar Mr. A.O. Ajabor B.Sc, MILR

Acting College Librarian Mr. B.O. Awana BLS, PGDE

Acting Bursar Mr. D.P.O. Oghoyowa OND, HND (Acct.) ANAN



1. Mr. D. E. Iweka B.Sc (Hons), PGDE Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences
2. Mr. S. C. Eluwa B.Ed., PGDE, Dean, School of Education
3. Mrs. C. Ohen BA, PGDE, MA, Ag. Dean, School of languages
4. Rev. S.O. Ibude N.Sc, B.Sc, M.Sc Dean, School of sciences
5. Mrs. R.U. Okeh-Ikwu B.Sc, MSc. PGDE Dean School of Voc. & Tech. Education
6. Mr.G.J Egwelu B.Sc., PGDE, MBA Dean School of Business Education
7. Dr. D.O. Okobia B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.d Dean, Students Affairs
8. Mr. E.N. Aniemeke B.Ed, MSC Director S.M.S.S
9. Dr. (Mrs.) B.A Egede Ph.D, M.Ed, B.Ed HOD, PES
10. Dr.J.N. Umeaduagu B.Sc, M.Ed, AFSD, Director Sch, of primary & Ph.D, C. Biol., Continuing Education M.Biol, MSTAN (PTNCE)
11. Mrs. F.C. Omumu B.Sc, M.Ed, Coord. Sandwich NCE
12. Mr. D.O. Dibie B.Sc, M.Ed, Director, weekend, NCE
13. Mr. O. J. Oji NCE, B.Ed. M.Ed Co-ordinator, weekend, NCE
14. Dr. O. C. Onwuegbu NCE, B.Ed, M.Ed Director, Ph.D Consultancy services Division
15. Osagiede, D. Oscar Esq. B.Sc (Hons) Deputy Registrar (E&R)
16. Mrs. I. Egbuduham B.Ed, M.Ed Head, Dept. of Educational foundations & Administration
17. Mr. E.N. Ohen NCE, B.Ed, M.Ed Head, Dept. of Education Psychology
18. Dr. K.A. Ughamdu B.,Sc, M.Ed, Ph.D Head, Dept. of Curriculum Studies
19. Mr. C.I. Usifo NCE, B.Ed Head Dept of Geography
20. Dr.S.A. Omodiagbe NCE, B.Ed Director, GSE B.Ed, M.Ed
21. Mrs. G.O. Ikhifa B.Ed, M.Ed. HOD, Int. Sc.,
22. Mr. L.F. Okwuidagbe B.Sc., MA Head, Dept of History
23. Mr. S.B. Akasiri NCE. B.Ed, MSc Head, Dept of Social Studies
24. Mr. D. Uduh NCE. B.Ed, M.Sc Head, Dept Economics
25. Mrs. Okumbor BA. (Ed), M.Ed Head, Dept of Music
26. Mr. P. Monye B.A (Hons), PGDE Head, Dept of Theater Arts M.A.
27. Mr. A. Ezechine NCE, BA (Ed) Head, Dept. of English
28. Mr. I. Odomene NCE, BA (Ed) Head, Dept. of Nigerian Languages
29. Mr. H. Osoneyekele NCE, BS.d, Ag. Head, Dept of French
30. Mr. C. M. Nwadiokwu NCE, B.Sc. (Ed) Head, Dept of Biology
31. Mr. I. Uche NCE, B.Sc., M.Sc Head, Dept of Chemistry
32. Mr. F.O. Onwuka B.Sc. PGDE, M.Sc. Head, Dept of Physics
33. Mr. C.E Umeoduageu B.Ed, M.Ed Head, Dept of mathematics
34. Mrs. M.N. Obimah NCE, M.Ed, B.Sc (Ed) Head, Dept. of Secretarial Education
35. Mr. Ben Moseri HND, B.Sc, M.Sc Head, Dept. of Agricultural Education
36. Miss M.L. Mkpughe NEC, B.Sc. (ED) Head, Dept. of Home M.Ed Economics
37. Mrs. K.E. Ogwazor NCE, B.Sc (Ed) Director Pre- NCE Programme
38. Mrs. Grace N. Okoh ND, HND Head, Internal Audit Department
39. Miss T.O.Udemba RN, RM, DHAM Officer-in-charge
40. Mr. F. Orah NCE, B.Sc HOD, Account/Education
41. Mr. J.O. Idialu NCE, B.Sc Coord., STRC
42. Mr. F.A. Anene-Boyle NCE,
43. Mr. B.O. Eriata B.Sc, PGDE Chairman, RVC
44. Mr. A.E Unoka NCE, B.A Coordinator, College
45. Dr. O. Ugboh B.Sc, M.Sc, PED Coordinator, SIWES
46. Mr. F.N. Oputa B.Ed, M.Ed. Coordinator, teaching practice
47. Mr. J. O. Ukadike NCE BA, Chairman CVC M.Ed
48. Mrs Okokoyo NCE, B.Ed Asst. Coord., TP M.Ed
49. Mr. O.C Molua M.Sc, B.Sc SUB. Dean, Science coordinator
50. Mr. F Akproherhe B.A. Ed., Coord, G.S.E Division

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