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The philosophy of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) Business Education is to make the Business Educators understand the concept and philosophy of the National Policy on Education as regards Business Education in national development.


(i)     To produce well-qualified and competent NCE graduates in business subjects who will be able to teach business subjects in our secondary schools and other related educational institutions. (2) To produce NCE business teachers who will be able to inculcate the vocational aspects of Business Education into the society.

(3) To produce NCE Business Teachers who will be involved in the much desired revolution of vocational development right from the Primary and Secondary Schools.

(4) To equip students with necessary competencies so as to qualify them for a post-NCE degree programme in Business Education.

(5) To equip graduates with the right skills that will enable them to engage in a life of work in the office as well as for self-employment.


(a)    A Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or G.C.E. "0" Level or NECO with passes in 5 subjects including English language, three of which must be at credit level at the same sitting or four credits at two sittings. Two of the credits must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer. Credits in English and/or mathematics may be required in some courses.

(b)    A Grade II Teachers' Certificate (TC II) with credit or merit in three subjects, two of which must be relevant to the course the candidate wishes to offer. Credit/merit in English Language and/or mathematics may be a requirement in some courses.

(c)                 For candidates wishing to offer courses in Vocation and Technical Education, R.S.A. or City and Guilds Intermediate Certificate with the Federal Craft Training Certificate with credit/merit in at least four subjects are acceptable qualifications.

(d)    Associateship Certificate in Education awarded by an approved institution in Nigeria or abroad, may be acceptable for admission purposes.

(e)    Successful candidates in the pre-NCE final examinations who also take and succeed in a selection examination organized by an accredited body may be qualified for admission.

(f)     All candidates wishing to be considered for admission must enroll for and write the selection examination organized by an accredited body such as JAMB.

(g)    It should not noted that some colleges may, in addition to all of the above, administer their own elimination tests and/or interviews for some courses. This is legitimate.

ii.    SPECIFIC ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS (a)    To be eligible for direct admission, a candidate must have at least three (3) credit passes. The business subjects in which credits, merits and passes must be obtained are:-

(1)    Economics

(2)    Principles of Accounts/Bookkeeping

(3)    Business Methods/Introduction to Business Management/Office Practice/Secretarial Duties.

(4)    Shorthand

(5)    Typewriting

(6)    Commerce (b)    A "Credit" in English Language (or merit in the case of TC II) is required.

(c)    At least a "Pass" in Mathematics is required. This is compulsory.

(d)    WACE Commercial or National Secretarial Examination (NSE) or National Business and Technical Education Examination Board (NABTED) or NECO or TC II or RSA Stage II Certificates with passes at not more than two (2) sittings in five (5) subjects are in (a) - (c) above.

4.    GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Duration: 3 years (minimum) and 5 years (maximum) Internship: 1 years with pay; followed by registration and full certification.

To graduate with NCE Business, a student must earn a total of 130 Credit Units follows:-

(a) Business Education Course (including SIWES) 76 Credit


(b) Education (Including project)....... 36 Credit Units (c) Teaching Practice...........................6 Credit Units (d) General Studies............................14 Credit Units Total.............................. 132...Credit Units


Every student is required to do Teaching Practice and the credit earned recorded in EDU 324.


Every student is required to write and submit a project either in Business Education or Education and the credit earned recorded in EDU 323.


Business Education is a "double-major and, therefore cannot be combined with another subject area.

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