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College of Education Agbor is one of the oldest areas in Lagos metropolis. Yaba College of Technology been the Premier higher institution in Nigeria, with over 16,400 students, has a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with a wealth of culture and sports facilities. The College is one of the oldest and most recognised in Africa and the world at large and earns it the following qualities: A world-class reputation for teaching, research and innovation 9 world-class Schools and a number of acclaimed Departments 16,400 students currently enrolled in study programmes in the college. The College has been offering various programmes to students all over the Country for almost 60 years. It has always prided itself on being an international institution being the first higher institution in Nigeria, third in the continent of Africa and twenty-seventh in the world. The College welcomes visitors, balancing their interests with the needs of students and staff. The College takes part in special events such as Nigerian Polytechnic Games (NIPOGA), West African Polytechnic Games (WAPOGA) etc.
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